Windows XP forever

Microsoft doesn't support Windows XP anymore, but we (the users) do. XP forever is a guide the aims to keep Windows XP going for decades to come. By encouraging writing new software and drivers for it.

Software challenges

  • An up to date web browser. IPv6, TLS 1.3 and HTML 5.2 are particular concerns. Current consensus is to fork Firefox ESR 52 and patch it. New Moon (fork of Pale Moon) is also a candidate. Forking Chromium could help, although version 49 is the last official XP supported version. Mypal is the most supported XP browser as of 2019.
    • There is also Otter Browser builds for Windows XP. Plus Unoffical Basilisk builds. There are Chinese language browsers that are still actively developed, but there is a language barrier to them being used worldwide.
  • An up to date media player. 4K and 8K video are challenges. Youtube playback might break in the future. For MP4 video playback on YouTube there is special steps to get it working under Firefox. VLC is planning to drop Windows XP support in version 4.0.
  • An extended kernel for general support of new programs.

Gaming challenges

  • Steam. Steam still supports XP for now, but most games on the store are dropping support. Valve hasn't given a date regarding XP support but have dropped Windows 2000 in the past.Update: Steam has discontinued support as of January 2019.
  • EA's origin client only supports XP in legacy versions.
  • Gog Galaxy doesn't support XP
  • Uplay supports xp only in legacy versions
  • Discord chat doesn't support XP.
  • Epic Game Store/Launcher doesn't install at all.

Driver challenges.

Allowing Windows XP to boot on new EFI only motherboards (without CSM), NVMe, new GPU support (even if just VGA only) etc. Wifi and Ethernet support. USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt support and future versions. Running in a virtual machine like Virtualbox is the easiest solution for now.


The netmarketshare results for March 2019 are out. Down to 2.29% worldwide usage. What will trigger the XP extinction (less than 0.1%)? Firefox dropping support won't help as there are third party browsers like Otter, New Moon and the Chinese browsers. Steam dropping support won't help either as most XP era games are still physical or have been cracked. We're facing XP usage for years to come.

  • On April 9 2019. POSReady 2009 reached end of life. Ending unofficial patches for XP.


  • January 14 2020. Windows 7 end of life. Making XP three generations obsolete.
  • October 25, 2021. 20th Anniversary. Possible retro revival and interest at this time. (Like Windows 98 20th Anniversary).
  • 19 January 2038 End of 32-bit Unix/Linux time.
  • 31st December 2099. End of BIOS time. Will XP still run in any form by then?
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